Aloha was hit by a car last week

Some people just can’t buy a break.  You may recall the saga of Aloha, a homeless woman in Santa Ana who lost her cart, got a new one and presumably was set to have a great year.  Alas, when you are homeless luck is generally more bad than good.

Our reader “Cook” emailed me today with startling news, as follows, in his own words:

Aloha was run over by a car this last Monday near the red church on Civic Center and Bush. She doesn’t know what happened other than she was run over.

I was called with this information this morning from another person who knows her. The church has her cart stored on their property.

My wife and I visited her at Western Medical Center on Tustin Ave this afternoon. She has a broken collarbone, some broken ribs and a broken knee. The hospital cut off her hair and has done many medical tests. She was scheduled for knee surgery tonight but it was postponed by one of her doctors.

She was moved to room 623 bed #2 as we left. She will be taken to a convalescent house after her operations some time in the future. She doesn’t seem to be in pain and is clean.

I would expect she will be in the hospital for awhile depending on the outcome of the knee operation.

Rob Cook

Thank you to Cook and his wife for all that they have done and continue to do for Aloha.  Please keep her in your prayers and contact Cook if you can help her in any way.

Getting hit by a car is about as traumatic an accident as you could ever have.  I hope she pulls through…

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