War on Christmas: Teacher Brings it Hard to Students!

Tell little kids the truth about Santa Claus and get fired for it.    About 25 students were driven to tears when a substitute teacher told them the Santa Claus story is a lie.   The kids had become rowdy and excited during class talking about Christmas and Santa Claus. 

To get the students’ attention, the teacher then used  a questionable classroom discipline tactic by interrupting the banter, saying, “It’s your parents who leave out presents on Christmas Day.”  Everyone paid attention at that point.  The kids were said to be have been seriously traumatized upon hearing her words.   They tearfully recounted the incident to their parents after school that day.

The head teacher sent out apology notices to all the families involved.  The substitute teacher has been terminated from ever working at that school again.  Is the substitute teacher right in debunking a seasonal lie?  Or is she a black-hearted kill joy who has no business being around children?

The follow up comments to this story are interesting.  Some of the highest rated, and lowest rated comments give some insight into how the whole ethical and emotional ordeal can be framed.  Here are a couple of examples from the UK Mail Online story :

Someone who is prepared to burst the Christmas bubble for excited seven-year-olds is, in my view, probably not cut out for working with small children.

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So ,was she not telling the truth ? Can’t see any problem with that.

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I still remember my disgust as a 9 year old when I found out my parents had been lying to me for years about ‘Father Xmas’. We shouldn’t be telling children these concocted fairy tales; I certainly never trusted my parents again about *anything*.
Full marks to the teacher who, just for once, told the truth.

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Santa may not exist — but clearly the Wicked Witch does!

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