The Best Things in Life ARE FREE!

Barack Obama can help you get government grants, free government money, business grants, free money and other free stuff.

He’ll start by tackling energy problems. You can apply to the government for better light bulbs! Best of all, they’re FREE! Need more insulation? Energy management systems? There’s a program for those too! There’s even a program to pay you if you take the bus to work!

Want a Barack Obama Bridge, Barack Obama Tollway or Barack Obama Overpass in your city? There’s millions of dollars just waiting for you to apply! We’re ready to spend your tax dollars for the biggest pork projects in your lifetime! And its all FREE!!!

Want a Barack Obama Elementary School in your city? Need a Barack Obama High School? Barack Obama has FREE MONEY just waiting for you!

Mayors and Governors! Need to put some of those restless citizens to work? There’s FREE MONEY for that too! Millions of “SHOVEL READY” jobs just waiting to be created! All you have to do is APPLY!

10,000 Programs worth over $890 Billion

– Free Money for Bills & Expenses
– Invest In Your Ideas
– Start Your Own Business
– Get A Better Job
– Go Back To School
– Scholarships
– Invest In Real Estate
– Buy or Fix Your House
– Get Better Health Care
– Get Free Legal Help
– Free Gifts For Entire Family
– Free Vacations
– Take Courses
– Work On Your Invention

Be the first to enjoy the fruits of the new Administration! Why shouldn’t you get a piece of the American Dream. It’s FREE!

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