Supervisor John Moorlack hammers OCEA head Nick Berardino

O.C. Supervisor John Moorlach absolutely hammered Nick Berardino, the head of the O.C. Employees Association (OCEA) in his December newsletter, according to the Pension Watch blog.  Moorlach has fingered Berardino for his role in the O.C. pension spike that is now turning out to be a disaster.

Here are a few excerpts from Moorlach’s column:

We’re all sorry that layoffs have to be made. But instead of grandstanding and manipulating willing reporters, let’s address the real issues. Let’s start with renegotiating the “2.7% at 55″ benefit.

If you want a Supervisor to take a pay cut, then eliminate the withholdings I have to pay for a retroactive benefit that I lobbied against. Let’s talk real dollars and not easy sound bites in the media.

Nick Berardino is desperate.

Where was the OCEA in 1994? They endorsed and contributed to Robert L. “Bob” Citron’s campaign!

Consequently, we’re paying $80 million per year toward bankruptcy debt that other counties do not have. Thank you, Nick.

Where was Nick in 2004? He negotiated a retroactive retirement benefit enhancement called “2.7% at 55″ that is being paid for by all employees, including me.

What does this mean? We have a union leader that has given his members a massive debt! It was $2.7 billion in December. It’s probably $4.5 billion today.

I’m paying more than $1,000 per month for this crazy scheme. And I already had a reasonable retirement program in place when I arrived here nearly fourteen years ago. The prior defined benefit program was outstanding. Now it’s on steroids.

Take this crazy retirement formula away from me and I’ll be happy to forgo my auto allowance.

What has Nick brought to the table? A debt so large that he makes Citron look like a piker. It’s almost three times the amount that Citron created! And we, the employers (the taxpayers) and employees will be saddled with it long after this recession is over, with the reminder on our pay stubs.

Thank you, Nick. We appreciate the lumps of coal you have given to some 18,000 fine County employees. Bah, humbug.

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