OC Register: “Hiring freeze, pay cuts” Vs city of Mission Viejo wage increases

It seems as if I have been one sided in most of my articles related to the city of Mission Viejo. Aside from the “grass roots” election of Cathy Schlicht there has been little to post that is positive. From the Tournament of Roses parade float to doubling their monthly stipend to reestablishing lifetime healthcare for the city council if you serve three consecutive four year terms.

A headline in today’s OC Register reads “Hiring freeze, pay cuts.” It follows saying “Governor imposes drastic actions in hopes of resolving budget crisis.”

Well, the city of Mission Viejo is not the state of California, but did the council majority ever consider perception or those less fortunate than ourselves who are losing their jobs and, in some cases, their homes?

It will be interesting to attend our first council meeting of the New Year on January 5th to watch our alleged fiscal conservative Republican council majority vote on this item. While the employees were told of a larger increase a few years ago look around you. Turn on the news.

Can someone please define a fiscal conservative Republican? I am embarrassed to report that many of us worked against huge odds to help these characters get elected in 2002 and again in 2004. Having discussed the above examples of fiscal insanity there are many voters in Mission Viejo who would replace Council Members Frank Ury, Lance MacLean and Trish Kelley tomorrow if given the chance. Member Ledesma will be out of office in 2010 so I will not include him in this discussion.

If their actions this past year reflect the ideals of a conservative we are in serious trouble.
The good news is that have at least one conservative on the council named Cathy Schlicht who is willing to hold the fort until the next election. Bring it on.

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