Mission Viejo city council meeting reveals business as usual

The theme of this past election season was expressed in a single word. Change. Well, sad to report that one member of our Mission Viejo city council,  Mayor Trish Kelley, doesn’t see it that way. In Oct challenger for city council Cathy Schlicht began promoting the www.ocalert.com mass notification system to keep us informed when an emergency occurs.

Up until that time we had no knowledge of the county (or any other) system. Cathy recognized that the fires, which approached Saddleback Church, occurred exactly one year prior and we were entering another fire season. In fact her first announcement was prior to the fires which just hit the Southland.

She promoted this countywide system at the Oct 20th and Nov 3rd city council meeting, sent two thousand flyers to our residents via an insert in one paper and mailed thousands to other Mission Viejo residents prior to the general election.

Fast forward to the Nov 6th meeting of (Laguna Woods Village) Residents Voice where Orange County Sheriff Sandra S. Hutchens handed us a unique business card. No, not from the traditional sheriff’s card file but one that I have often quoted which reads: “There is no limit to what you can accomplish if you don’t care who gets the credit.”–Ronald Reagan.

Fast forward to Monday’s council meeting where Mayor Trish Kelley pointed out that we were going to have an alert system in Mission Viejo but decided to join the county program. Was that Dec 1 remark really necessary?

For all those who blamed Gail Reavis for the conflict between Gail and Trish I would argue that Trish’s jumping in to take credit for the alert program tells the real story. And I commend Cathy for following the sound advise of Ronald Reagan last Monday when she did not let this issue of taking credit for the idea stand in the way of our eventual participation.

The www.missionviejodispatch.com local Internet news has a report of the meeting and permits readers to join the discussion with comments. I strongly recommend this site for news not controlled by our city staff.

My advise to council woman Trish Kelley, and the other senior members, is if you wish to have any form of harmony with the newest member of our city council, and it is ours, not yours, than my advise is to consider what sheriff Hutchens is promoting.

Part of the timing of this post is to give you a heads up to the December 15th “Goals and Objectives” joint council and staff meeting with the hired facilitator. Hopefully that person will send the same message in her presentation.

Gilbert note. I plan to attend the Dec 15th workshop. Stay tuned.

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