GOP loses a Latino Senator – and may replace him with a Bush!

(Picture Courtesy of Politico)

The GOP took a double whammy this week as “Senator Mel Martinez of Florida, one of the most prominent Hispanic leaders in the Republican Party, announced Tuesday that he would not seek a second term in 2010,” according to the New York Times, and Former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush — the younger brother of the president — immediately announced that he “is weighing a run for the Senate seat currently held by Republican Mel Martinez,” according to Politico.

I can’t blame Martinez for wanting to walk away in 2010.  His party is sucking wind and most Republicans can’t abide Latinos.  Why stick around?  But Jeb Bush?  Seriously?  The last thing the Republicans need is a reminder of the family that virtually destroyed their party, via good ole George W. 

Why wouldn’t the Florida GOP even try to find another Latino to run for Martinez’s seat?  Never mind, what does it matter?  Most Latinos won’t be joining the Republican Party now or possibly ever.  Wouldn’t it be funny if Bill Clinton moved to Florida to personally take out Jeb?

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