Check out Mission Viejo’s Rose Parade float on the city webcam today Updated:

New Year’s Day is quickly approaching. To watch the city of Mission Viejo Tournament of Roses parade float simply go to the city web cam on the following link.

One thing that Mission Viejo watchdogs can easily spot is the “spin machine” that our city uses. I would call our scrutiny Accuracy in Media but a Washington, DC firm already has that name.
Sadly we have local reporters who fail to conduct any basic research or some basic proofreading.
Case in point. Let’s begin with page 2 of today’s OC Register where the above the fold headline reads “Mission Viejo float blooms on webcam.” For those who have followed my series on the 2009 CA City entries I have always reported that Mission Viejo committed $300,000 for the basic design while the paper reports the cost at $30,000. I can forgive that minor error and move on to the next point where the article begins “A webcam lets you watch thousands of volunteers bring Mission Viejo’s first ever Rose Parade float to life.”

Gilbert note. As the Register story did not include any reporter name I was unable to contact the author.

UPDATE: See page 3 of the Dec 28th Register where it shows the correct $300,000 “floor” cost data.  It also points  out the Huntington Beach “float (which) costs $200,000 –(was paid for with ) money raised through private donors.” The third OC float in today’s story is the entry from Anaheim which I reported on back on Aug 29th. The budget for the Anaheim float, whose cost was omitted from the story, was half of ours at $150,000.

My angst. If the private sector wants to fund these city entries or if the city is a destination where they need to promote themselves then that presents  a different set of circumstances which I have always acknowledged in my Series on 2009 Rose parade floats. the bedroom city of Mission Viejo is simply not a destination such as Anaheim, Long Beach or Huntington Beach. There is nothing magical about our 20th birthday to justify this waste of taxpayers funds when some of our residents have lost their jobs, some  have told me that their 401K’s are now 201K’s. Others have their homes in foreclosure. It’s just an abuse of power that we will deal with in due time.

Folks. Back to the original post. There are hundreds of volunteers not thousands. In fact the following call for volunteers by the city refutes the number of people who can be involved without stepping on each others toes.

From the city web site it reads: “Volunteers are still sought to participate in the community project, which is meant to unify residents, homeowner associations, non-profit organizations, schools, sport groups, service clubs, faith organizations, businesses and others.

Building the float will require hundreds of Mission Viejo volunteers, thousands of donated man-hours and support from the entire community. Volunteer opportunities are available in two-hour shifts at the Norman P. Murray Community and Senior Center at 24932 Veterans Way during “Dry Flower Days” and for six-to seven-hour shifts during “Flowering Week” in Irwindale where the float is being constructed.”

Some Tournament of Roses Parade facts:
How long does the parade last?  2 1/2 hours from any given point.
What time does the parade start?  8:00 a.m.
Where does the parade start?  Ellis Street & Orange Grove. It then continues North on Orange Grove then East on Colorado Blvd. to Sierra Madre Blvd., then north on Sierra Madre Blvd. to Paloma Street – a total of 5 1/2 miles.

Juice readers. And now for a few questions.

1. Will you travel to Pasadena to watch the Rose Parade in person?
2. Will you be watching any part of the parade on New Year’s Day at home?
3. Will you sit glued to your set to watch the entire 2 1/2 hour parade?
4. Will watching our “Making a Splash” entry entice you to shop in our built-out city?

5.  Do you believe that Mission Viejo having a float is a good use of taxpayer money?
6. Do you know that we do not own the truck that carries the float and it will be stripped down within a week after the parade?

Therefore we cannot use this float for any other events during the year.

Your participation in this “unscientific” poll is truly welcome.

Wishing each of you a healthy and prosperous New Year

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