Schwarzenegger used to say that raising the car tax was crazy

As governor Schwarzenegger declared a “state of emergency” earlier today, and as he struggles to find friends on the GOP side of the aisle to help him address the state’s budget crisis, I am reminded of his Recall Express stop at the Orange County Fairgrounds in Costa Mesa, CA on Oct 2, 2003. Cutting Edge-a talk show producer Ron Winship and I stood alongside the major network camera crews and reporters on the media stands with camera in hand to video his address regarding the proposed car tax.

In his speech Arnold stated “I know we can make this once again the Golden State that it once was.” He went on to share his opinion of former governor (Davis) and that 2003 legislature.

“All they have done is spend, spend spend, and when they realize they spend money they don’t even have, then it is tax, tax, tax.” He added “how crazy is that going to be to come up with this crazy idea to raise the car tax by 300%. We’re not going to let it happen. Let me tell you something…it’s going to hurt the person who is a low income person who makes $15,000 to $20,000 a year. The person who is struggling to make ends meet. A person who is struggling to put food on the table for their family.”

He then told us to look at a white GM car over which a crane dropped a huge ball to demonstrate his smashing any idea of the tripling of our car tax. If you watch the video you can make out the hand painted words on the car reading “Davis car tax.”

As a Hollywood movie star he is now preparing us for “Take Two.” Sorry Arnold but this is not a Hollywood movie set where you can alter course at a whim.
We have already lived with a US president who told us to “read my lips.”
You can watch this 14 minute video 24/7 free of charge at

Go to the Archives link of the home page, scroll down to RECALL Express dated Oct 2, 2003, and verify everything that is quoted above. My point is that your words have “legs.” Be careful making public promises that may come back to haunt you.

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