7 Eleven less than a mile from Pulido’s house robbed again

UPDATE: Santa Ana Councilwoman Claudia Alvarez ALSO lives less than a mile from this unfortunate 7 Eleven store!

A 7 Eleven store located at 818 W 17th St., at the corner of Flower and 17th, in Santa Ana, was robbed again tonight, just a few weeks after the last robbery, which took place during the City Council reelection campaign.  This store is less than a mile from Santa Ana Mayor Miguel Pulido’s house in the Floral Park neighborhood (see the map below).

Coincidentally, the O.C. Register reported tonight that the City of Santa Ana has implemented a hiring freeze – our police department is now even more understaffed than usual, but they did have three units at the 7 Eleven tonight.

I was there to pick up a pizza order at the Pizza Hut located near the 7 Eleven in question and took the above picture with my cell phone.  A clerk at the Pizza Hut said she heard shots fired during the robbery.  The store was closed off to the public with yellow crime scene tape.  I was unable to confirm whether shots were fired.

As the Bush depression continues I expect our city will see more crime than ever.  Heck of a time to have an understaffed police department…

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