Florice Hoffman, Secretary of Losing

Florice Hoffman and Madeline Albright sure do look alike.  Short and stocky with that winning grin, they could be sisters.  Let’s see if they have anything else in common.

Madeline Albright

Former of Secretary of State during a time of peace and prosperity in the United States.

Professor and world traveling diplomat.  Author and frequent commentator on television.

Florice Hoffman

Could be appointed by Obama to be Secretary of Losing.

Result for Florice’s ill-fated 2006 run for Congress, not so good.

ED ROYCE (REP) 100995 66.8%

In 2008, for Orange Unified School District, Florice took 3rd out 3 candidates.

ALEXIA DELGIANNI    23,284  35.1%

JERRY WINNANT    22,229  33.5%

FLORICE HOFFMAN 20,209  31.5%

Florice is known to be cantankerous and rude who often yells at people, so it is not surprising she is not well liked by the voters.   My Democratic sources says she is still talks trash about John Hanna for not endorsing her in 2006.  She is another one of Pat Kelly’s chosen candidates who went down in flames this year.  (The Shadow sees a pattern forming.)    Comments?  — The OC Shadow Knows–

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