Writ of Mandate filed in CA to block certification of electoral college votes for president-elect Barak Obama

For months we have listened as pundits questioned the birth certificate of president-elect Barak Obama.
The Mission Viejo Dispatch has posted a copy of the Writ of Mandate and have requested that CA Sec of State Debra Bowen not certifying the election.
Apparently a Mission Viejo dentist has joined with “Ramona attorney Gary Kreep of the United States Justice Foundation in filing the Writ of Mandate Petition in the Sacramento County Superior Court.”
To see a copy of the legal document, and to read the blog post, simply go to the following link.


Gilbert comment. While we ask for financial reports and health documents from candidates, why is the president-elect unwilling to help us clear the air on this issue so that he can begin serving as commader-in-chief with “transparency” from day one?

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