The Thrilla from Wasilla…..goes home!

Sarah Palin was the very unlikely Vice Presidential candidate chosen by long time Senator and Republican Presidential Candidate John McCain.  Sarah Palin,  so-called “The Babe” Governor of Alaska was outfitted with about $250,000 bucks in Macy’s & Neiman-Marcus Gift Certificates by the McCain campaign…or the Republican party.  Fully dressed to the nines….as it were…utilizing a the services of a $22,000 dollar a month hair stylist…and TV make-up person…….Palin’s smerky and vindictive attacks on the Obama-Biden campaign luckily fell on deaf ears!  Making it to prime time on Saturday Night Live….along with getting a good Hollywood agent seemed to be her goal.   “Mission Accomplished!”

As 84 the year old Senator Ted Stevens faces several years in the slam for improper conduct….much we should say in a similar circumstance… that of our dear friend Ohio Congressman James Traficant – there is every chance that Palin may be in the running for Stevens Senate Seat….if Stevens wins that closely contested seat and the Senate refuses to grant him status in the US Senate.  A special election would be required within 90 days and although Palin can’t just appoint herself as the Senator from Alaska….she certainly can run for it.  Palin seems to be following closely in the footsteps of Hillary Clinton.  High priced clothes, Real Estate and taking those oh so obvious “political opportunities” – using govenment money when possible.

We are getting the opinion that the end days of the Republican Party are near at hand.  Their desparate hours in the middle of this Presidential campaign to choose Glitzy Palin over Grey Liberman, Thompson or even a Mature Kay Hutchinson…..they seemed to be grasping for straws.  The truth of the matter is that McCain-Palin in fact could have won and that might be what is most scary.  Not since the days of Richard Nixon has the public been so duped.  In 1968, everyone knew that Nixon was neither and conservative or a “America First” candidate.  There was even talk that the likes of Nelson Rockefeller would be his first choice for VP over New Yorker Spiro Agnew!  The upheaval from the conservative base was strong enough to nix the liberal Rockefeller.  But it was very close!  Perhaps Nixon was afraid that something unlikely might happen if Rockefeller was his VP. 

Today, Barack Obama is our new President Elect and along with Joe Biden they are setting a course to provide our country with leadership and vision we have not seen since the days of JFK.  The JFK days were pretty scary as well.  Too scary…some might say!  The realities are that Obama-Biden have already demostrated a professionalism and decorum that is truly admirable.  The Prayers of a nation should be with our new President.

Meanwhile, back in Wasilla……day time television has never been more popular and the days of McCain-Palin have moved on to the days of Palin!  Whether Sarah winds up on “The View” with Whoopie and Elizabeth, we will have to see.  Whether Sarah gets a three picture movie deal…we will have to see.  Whether she gets her own day time talk show against Dr. Phil….we will have to see.  If she can manipulate the system to steal the US Senate seat from Alaska….we will just have to see!  One thing is for sure…..they made Sarah return the $250.000 wardrobe for the RNC.  But as they say in the trade: “Chicken Feed”!   Meanwhile, down here in the lower 48…we will all be waiting for the Playboy Centerfold Issue..along with half the Polar Bears in Alaska!

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