“The Impact of Homosexual Marriage on the Black Community” by Star Parker

Many years ago we invited Star Parker to speak at a meeting of the Saddleback Republican Assembly. In that club meeeting this African-American activist/author shared her life story before becoming a Christian.  You can easily check it out on Google. Star Parker is founder/president of an organization whose acronym is the same as one I am involved with called “CURE.” In this case it represents the “Coalition for Urban Renewal and Education” while our CURE group stands for Californians United for Redevelopment Education.”

Let me quote from the Executive Summary contained in a recent Policy Report received from Mrs. Parker that relates to the CA Prop 8 argument.

“The Impact of Homosexual Marriage on the Black Community” by Star Parker & Philip Johnson.

Today we stand at a crossroads in American culture and morality, the likes  of which  has never been witnessed during the entire history of our Republic.  The issue of homosexual marriage and its possible legalization has come to a fevered pitch and is now at the forefront of the American public square. It is interesting to note  that homosexual activists seem less worried about the democratic process when it comes to the possibility of a Constitutional Amendment being passed which would effectively outlaw homosexual marriage. Perhaps that is because they have been able to rely on state judiciaries to promote their cause, and are wagering that a supermajority in the House and Senate is next to impossible.

Be that as it may, the consequences of legalizing homosexual marriage would be disastrous to the American public in general, and to the African- American community in particular.

Black Americans have been especially vulnerable to the rapid changes  of a morally-fluid society over the past three decades as their community  has been ravaged by  high rates of out-of-wedlock births, single-parent families, and sexually-transmitted diseases. As a result, a greater percentage of black-Americans find themselves in poverty, criminal activity, and poor health. However, those African Americans  who maintain households that hold to traditional marriage (one man and one woman only) fare much better and live longer, healthier, and more prosperous lives.

Some claim that the fight for legalization of homosexual marriage is the moral equivalent of the civil rights movement of the 1950s and 1960s. Nothing could be further from the truth. From the outset of that argument, one would have to concede that homosexuality is inherent. This ntion is completely unfounded as scientists still have yet to provide any credible evidence  that homosexualty is the result of genetic or biological causes. Case study after case study has only proven that homosexuality is most probably the result of environmental factors, and therefore, may be abnormal and could be corrected.

Many black Americans  consder the theft of language from the civil rights movement to support the gay marriage an insult to their heritage and culture. In fact Gallup News Service released an article in February 2004, which showed that 52 percent of black Americnas favored the passage of the Federal Marriage Amendment while only 42 percent opposed it.”

Skipping ahead to the conclusion of this Policy Report they state “homosexual marriage in particular, and homosexuality in general, are not civil rights issues.”

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