Tales of the Arabian Nights – Mumbai style!

Here is a great concept:  Hold a city of 18 million people hostage…..with 11 kids that never finished grammar school!  This nightmare in Mumbai…was almost as miserable as having to watch Sarah Palin on Fox News after the election!  Good grief…..have you ever experienced anything so frustrating?

The rumors abide.  Those involved are Pakistani!  Those involved are Al Qaeda!  Those involved are Kashmiri Separatists!  Those involved are out of work goat farmers!  Those involved were targeting Jews, Americans and Brits!  Those involved were targeting Mumbai Police and Security Officers!  Those involved got off the wrong boat or bus or train and were just having fun!

India is the land of flying carpets, the land of Gunga Din, the land of British occupation for 100 years, the land of Gandhi – all of them, the land that the U.S. uses to develop software, movies and all technology…..at pennies on the dollar, the land of the HI-B Visa that takes high tech American jobs and brings the best and brightest from India to live in America, the land of Bollywood and where all modern films will be made by 2020!  The land of Ali Baba and the 40 Thieves!

We need to answer some big questions regarding the “Terror in Mumbai”!  We need to know the timeline!  When need an understanding of what happened during the 62-70 hour occupation by Terrorist Forces in Mumbai, minute by minute, hour by hour and day by day!  A couple of thoughts to start with:  Unless co-conspirators had stockpiled ammunition, grenades and RPG’s in various locations around the city by others….including some that checked into the target hotels days before……why did they not run out of ammo?  Why were there various reports that initially reported  there were up to 40 terrorists, then 25 terrorists, then finally only 11?  Why was there just ONE captured terrorist?  Those initial reports said there were 9 to 11 “arrested” terrorists.  Were they counting the ones that were dead?  Why was there a blackout about everything except the Explosions and AK-47 fire?  Why was a security man firing indiscriminately into the Jewish Center?

The people are out on the streets of Mumbai today!  They are carrying signs calling for firings, resignations and even criminal prosecution of those that were running the Government operation.  These thousands had to face over three days of terror.  Terror they say now….by 11 out of work teenagers from Pakistan?  We do not believe any such thing!  They had moles staying in the Hotels targeted before the event.  There is every chance that employees of the various hotels might have been involved or co-conspirators!  We believe that there were over 40 terrorists involved…..and that the first reports of 25 being brought in by boat…..was a correct assessment.  We believe that the Security Forces and Police in Mumbai….may have been involved as well.

India is a land that has a tough time relating to the truth.  The truth about themselves and others.  The truth and responsible parties that may have been involved.  The truth that Sub-Prime and Leveraged Credit Default Swaps are not going to fund new business and their movie business!  We are very hopeful that the world community including, the Mossad, MI-6, the CIA and the FBI…….go to India and determine the timelines, account for each and every shot in a detailed “after shooting report” that utilizes DNA to track down each and every terrorist.  Find their relatives, their friends and goes into every detail of their lives and history.  We need to interview and place those associates in Guantanemo….anyone that is, that is not willing to cooperate 100%.   Mumbai….and its aftermath could happen here and we need to learn those lessons now…not in the next months or years to come!

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