South County Libertarian Party Candidates

For those of you that live in South Orange County there are alternatives to voting for the “lesser of two evils,” you can vote Libertarian!  Here are your candidates in South OC that would be honored to have your vote.

Andy Favor is running for State Assembly in the 73rd Assembly District again this year.  Andy is looking to improve on the 26% he received in 2006 when he ran against Mimi Walters. Andy is a CPA that understands the unfavorable climate in California for both business and property owners.  Andy is running against Republican Diane Harkey and Democrat Judy Jones.

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Don Patterson is running for US Congress in the 48th District. He is running against John Campbell and Steve Young. John Campbell is one of the three members of Congress representing Orange County that voted yes on the 700 billion dollar Wall Street Bailout. Ken Calvert and Gary Miller were the other two. A great way to send a message that you disagree with the bailout would be to vote against Congressman Campbell. Libertarian Candidate Don Patterson opposed the bailout. Patterson is endorsed by fellow South County resident and fellow Penn State alum, the 1973 Heisman Trophy winner John Cappelletti.

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The voters of South Orange County would be lucky to have either of these fine candidates representing them in either the State Assembly or US Congress.

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