Ron W. Wins OJ Prop Pool

OK, there was no real Proposition pool, and we all made recommendations based on our consciences (such as they are, those of us who have one) not as predictions. But if there were a pool, then my tecayo Ron Winship would be claiming the prize unless homosexuals still bent on equal treatment find a whole lot of provisional ballots, in which case he would have to step down in favor of his still-valid traditional spouse.

I’m using a bit of wishful thinking that Prop 11 hangs on to its narrow lead, but the outcome does not affect OJ bloggers as we all urged a yes vote on 11. Final standings of everyone on my spreadsheet are as follows:

Ron Winship 75%
Los Angeles Times 75%
Arnold Schwarzenegger 70%
Ann Winship 67%
Democratic Party 64%
Sarah Michelle Spinosa 58%
Larry Gilbert 58%
Republican Party 55%
Art Pedroza 50%
Vern Nelson 50%
Ron St. John 42%
Orange County Register 33%
Libertarian Party 33%

Anyone seeing a pattern here? I’m not sure I am, except that when we stand in a voting booth we get real generous with other people’s borrowed money, so skinflints like me, the Register and the Libertarian Party get outvoted.

The Culture Wars issues kind of split. We’re warm and fuzzy to farm animals and to teens wanting abortions, but tough and righteous with drug addicts and gays.

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