Red County San Bernardino blog in limbo?

I don’t normally keep an eye on our friends in San Bernardino, but I received an email today from a fellow who has launched his own blog in San Bernardino, named Inland Utopia.  He said that Red County’s San Bernardino blog has been down for a few weeks.  Well, I decided to check for myself and sure enough their last post is dated October 26.

You may recall that one of Red County San Bernardino’s bloggers, Adam Aleman, was arrested and charged a few months ago with six felonies.  You may read about that arrest here.  No bueno!  And now Red County’s San Bernardino blog is apparently DOA.

When you consider that the Inland Empire voted for Obama, and even Fresno turned blue, it does not bode well for Red County, going forward.  Maybe they can change their name?

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