Prop. 8 protesters are not helping their cause

(Picture courtesy of the L.A. Times.)

Prop. 8 protesters are stopping traffic and causing trouble all over Southern California – and they are NOT helping their cause.  No one opposed Prop. 8 more than I did – but the fight is over.  We lost.  Now this needs to be settled by the courts or we need to launch another initiative to reverse Prop. 8.

In the meantime the bitter truth is that Democrats passed Prop. 8.  Many black and Latino voters went along with their Republican counterparts and sunk the dreams and aspirations of the GLBT community.  And Barack Obama himself did not help much in this battle.

Protesting does nothing except anger the rest of the public and inconvenience thousands.  Not good!  It is time to suck it up and move on.  These demonstrations are only going to backfire.  Just like the Gavin Newsom comments in the Yes on 8 ad below.

The GLBT community needs to show everyone else that they are law-abiding, decent people.  Going nuts in the streets doesn’t cut it.  Go home folks.  This battle is over.  We lost.  And Democrats were the ones who put Prop. 8 over the top.  That is the bitter pill you need to swallow.  Remember that the California Libertarian paryt firmly opposed Prop. 8.  I doubt you will find ten California Libertarians who voted for this proposition.

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