No matter what, we took it to Team Pulido this time!

There is no telling what is going to happen in the Santa Ana City Council races this year.  But those of us who ran and challenged the Pulido empire gave his team a real battle.  I am reminded of the famous Battle of Puebla, where the Mexicans defeated the French, although the latter had a superior military capability.  You cannot win if you do not fight!  This time we took on the French-speaking Pulido and his “Team,” and they were forced to spend a fortune fighting us off.

By all rights I should not have a chance against incumbent Councilman Carlos Bustamante, the last Republican on the Sana Ana City Council.  Bustamante raised quite a bit of money, although he only sent out one mailer.  And yet I cannot help but feel that victory is possible – if the people of Santa Ana rise up, vote and toss the bums out.  I want to acknowledge all the help I got from my friends – including SAUSD School Board Candidate Irene Ibarra; businessman Mike Tardiff and his family and friends; and Mayoral Candidates George Collins and Michele Martinez.  And last week’s endorsement of my campaign by State Senator Lou Correa was just what we needed as we neared the finish line.  Thank you Senator Correa for taking a stand! I am very proud of all the challengers this year.  No one worked harder than Martinez and Collins.  Martinez fielded an army of volunteers throughout the campaign, and Collins was a one man army on his Segway scooter.  Over in the SAUSD School Board races, all the challengers acquitted themselves well, except for Gregory Barraza, who shamefully ended his campaign by attacking his opponents’ lack of a college degree.

It is not easy running for office.  It is nerve wracking and tiring.  You are left feeling like you were hit by a truck.  But this is what Americans do when they are fed up with the status quo.  None of us have anything to hang our heads about.  At the end of this election, our opponents will know that we gave them Hell!

Best of luck to all the Santa Ana City Council challengers!  If you have not voted yet, please, this year vote for change.  If the people of our city want change, they will get it.  Otherwise prepare yourselves for another horrible four years under Team Pulido (at least we can try to dump Pulido again in two years).

Tonight I plan to visit the Libertarian Party of Orange County, as they are having a meeting at 6 PM at the Greek Town Grill, located at 279 East 17th Street, Costa Mesa, CA 92627.  They were the only local party that endorsed me and they were most helpful in my campaign.  Thereafter I am checking in with Steven Greenhut and the rest of the Grover Cleveland Social Club at Branigans Irish Pub at 8 pm, located at 213 Harbor Bl., in Fullerton.  Then I plan to go to Councilwoman Michele Martinez’ Election Night Party, at 415 N. Sycamore Street, Suite 300, Santa Ana, which starts at 8:00 pm and figures to go late.  If you want to go to that one, RSVP to: or 714-550-0629.  Time permitting, I will end my Election Night festivities at the Libertarian Party’s Election Night event, located at Legend’s Sports Bar, which is at 5236 E. Second St., in Long Beach.  That event goes until 11 pm.  The fellow who put that event together, Libertarian Party Southern Regional Vice Chair Zander Collier, walked precincts with me several times.  I remain most appreciative!

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