High density multi-story apartment building going up at the Mission Viejo Country Club?

Recently the privately owned Mission Viejo Country Club sold a seven acre parcel of their land for around $20 million to a private developer. Following is an update on this proposed housing development from Mission Viejo city manager Dennis Wilberg:


“On October 14, Planning, Public Works, and Public Services staff met with Salim Rahemtula of Watermarke Properties and several of his project consultants regarding the seven-acre parcel they purchased from the Mission Viejo Country Club at Oso Parkway and Montonoso drive. Mr. Rahemtulla stated their current proposal is to construct a 250-unit apartment project with 32 affordable units.

The project name is AndalucIa at Mission Viejo. The proposed project would be a combination of one and two bedroom units. The front building off Oso Parkway would be 3 to 4 stories in height, and the back building near the Mission Viejo Country Club upper parking lot would be 4 stories in height. The proposed project assumes a partial density bonus with relief requested for building height. They are interested in using our CbA 20% set-aside funds to offset project-related costs and have been working with Jim Williams and Celeste Brady on various development scenarios for their pro-forma. Mr. Rahmetulla indicated they would like to secure entitlement permits from the City by next January.”

Gilbert comment. Without seeing the plans for parking, park space set-aside, access for fire and emergency vehicles, etc.  I will take a wait and see approach to see how this is handled by the planning commission and our city council majority where we already have concerns about future development in our “built out” city. Note: There is no on street parking in this area of our city.

Note: How timely that councilman, and new real estate salesman, John Ledesma just promoted a waiver of developer fees at our last two meetings!

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