Is the OC GOP ever going to apologize for supporting Mike Carona?

Mike Carona

Now that everyone knows what a pig our disgraced former Sheriff Mike Carona is, will we ever receive a formal apology from all the Orange County Republicans who so fervently supported him, even after the OC Weekly had revealed that the man had major issues?

I was at the OC GOP Central Committee meeting when the party endorsed him for the last time. I bitterly and vociferously opposed his endorsement.  You should have seen most of the rest of the party members – they loved Carona.  I clearly recall sitting next to Matt Harper, who now works for Supervisor Janet Nguyen.  I asked him how he could support Carona – and he just smiled and soldiered on for his boy Carona.

No one beat the drum louder for Carona than Red County editor Matt “Jubal” Cunningham.  He also was a big supporter of Prop. 8, which employed his amigo Jeff Flint as a consultant and his wife Laura as a “Latino Outreach” coordinator.  But how exactly did Carona exemplify the sanctity of marriage when he was with two Debbies at a time and only one of them was his wife?  Nice.

Don’t Matt and his red-faced boys owe us all a HUGE apology for foisting Carona on us?  I think so.  Don’t hold your breath waiting for it.

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