El Luchador Speaks!

Since El Luchador wanted to take it to a new post, that can be answered.

#1. Which candidate was not born in the United States? McCain was born on American soil. Every military base is sovereign American territory. This is about as factual as Obama isnt really a citizen or he attended a madrasa as a youth.

#2. First term Governor of a weak state. George W was the first Governor in Texas history to be re-elected to consecutive four year terms. And if you think its a weak state, take a drive with me to Dallas. I have some friends who’d teach you what weak is.

#3. The Republican party left you. Great. I left the Republican Party a long time ago. I never voted for George W. Either time. In 2000, I worked in DC for the Reform Party. I ran its National Campaign office and then its website. You mistake someone who stands up and points to one group of dolts as hanging with the other group. An easy mistake of logic. Better luck next time.

What happend to cutting spending, cutting taxes, a balanced budget amendment, not going into a foreign country without clear definable and achievable goals and a clear exit strategy once those goals were accomplished?

I’m with you there. But try and make sure you have your facts straight before you post them.

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