Do NOT – I repeat, NOT – go to Vern Nelson’s concert Sunday!

Whatever you do this Sunday at 6PM, wherever you plan to spend your Sunday evening Nov. 16, let me urge you to make it FAR AWAY from the Huntington Beach Central Library.  It pains me very much to have to say this about a man who was my dear friend at Mater Dei High School (Class of ’78) but Vern is no longer the altar boy and scholar I was once in such awe of, having transformed over the years into a Defender of Sodomites, and an vicious attacker of such upstanding Orange County heroes as Chuck DeVore, Dana Rohrabacher and Mitt McCurdy.

Look at Nelson’s program – you’ll see music and songs by degenerates like David Bowie, Franz Schubert and Billy Strayhorn (the latter of whom Nelson cleverly disguises as “Duke Ellington” – we all know what the relationship was between those two!)  Madmen like Charles Ives and Beethoven.  And Silvio Rodriguez – seriously, an unrepentant Cuban commie?  Have we learned nothing since the 60’s about the invisible hand of the Market being the only possible solution to economic woes, and the inevitable futility of collective action and hope itself?  Perhaps not, the way things are looking today.

I shudder to think what sort of Bacchanalia this concert could turn into.  No, seriously I shudder.  I have to stop now before I get too upset…

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