Developer Robert Bisno trying to sell his house for over $29 million

Developer Robert Bisno, who recently pulled out of an attempt to reshape the City of Baldwin Park’s downtown area via eminent domain, has now put his Beverly Hills home up for sale, according to the Celebrity Big Time Listings blog:

“In a Big Time Listings exclusive, we can report on the listing of the five-bedroom mansion, which was built in 2002 and which sits on a 5.133-acre parcel at 66 Beverly Park. The mansion just came on the market yesterday. Its owner, developer Robert Bisno, has been well-documented for his battles over foreclosure of this estate, as well as pending litigation with the North Beverly Park homeowners association regarding their having installed gates on the property, a dinosaur topiary and a rather colorful, eight-foot abstract sculpture (of what some say is a woman on her back with her legs in the air!) in their motor court. Take a look at this 2006 New York Times article for more on the Bisnos’ conflicts with their neighbors.”

To add insult to injury, Bisno has been having to use human signs to advertise auctions of the overpriced luxury condos he built at the City Place in Santa Ana.  His proposed 31 story luxury condo tower was also not approved at the last Santa Ana Planning Commission meeting.  They put it off until their next meeting.

Bisno has given thousands of dollars to Santa Ana Mayor Miguel Pulido and his crooked Council team.  Perhaps he should have spent that money elsewhere?  I’m sure he would love to have it back right about now…

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