Chrysler crying cash like crocodile tears

Chrysler is giving out over $30 million to top executives as retention bonuses, while laying off thousands of workers.  An excellent example of why “Trickle-down” economics has never worked and will never work.   This inevitable Recession, and possible DEPRESSION

will met out some tough, but necessary economic lessons to a previously unaware workforce.  The rich get richer and everyone else gets the droppings.  Oh and those bonuses for the top brass- 50 people will be getting their cut of the $30 million.  The thousands of worker bees= Zip.

We’ll get a chance to see the executives of the big three crying before the House committee next week in their bid for a $25 billion bailout proposal.  You, Dear Taxpayer, are soooooo generous!

More at the Detroit Freepress link.

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