Californians – Vote Cynthia McKinney, Green For President!

Don’t get me wrong, I am looking toward the Obama Presidency “as the watchman waiteth for the dawn.” (Psalm 130) But with Barack up 23% in the Golden State, we can afford to help our third-party brothers stay on the ballot.

Because as we watch the Grand Old Republican Party on its deathbed, trembling, wheezing, hacking up blood, incontinent, and not recognizing its loved ones, we think to ourselves: Do we really trust our own beloved Democrats with one-party rule for decades to come?  Do we really want to become America’s PRI?

I vote for helping the good Greens and Libertarians become more competitive and keeping us Dems more honest.  Let’s face it, a lot of what they say is true – the Dem party (though not all Dems) is just as awash in dirty corporate money as the Republicans, and nearly as eager to do the bidding of parasites like the credit industry, health insurance and big pharma, big oil, and the military-industrial complex.  Dems are maybe 50% as eager as Republicans (that is, way too eager) to wage unnecessary wars, to torture and eavesdrop, and to ignore the Constitution when convenient.  And it’s total orthodoxy in both parties to blindly follow the most extreme hawkish, anti-Palestinian views coming out of Israel’s right wing (something McKinney definitely doesn’t go along with.)

So, this year, you should mainly vote Dem down the ticket in the partisan races (especially Debbie Cook!) but use your Presidential vote to help our Green and Libertarian friends to stay on the ballot and build their parties!

Plus, Cynthia is fun.

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