Aid for victims of Oakridge Mobile Home Park fire in Sylmar

While we didn’t have an earthquake during last Thursday’s drill, a real disaster hit the Southland of California. Wildfires. In the area of Sylmar, 484 of 600 mobile homes located in the Oakridge Mobile Home Park burned to the ground. These were homes occupied by elderly and disabled citizens who lost everything they owned in the fire. Whether it was started by an arsonist or not will not give any relief to the victims.

It was not that long ago that many Californians came to the aide of other victims who needed assistance. I am referring to the Katrina disaster in New Orleans, LA.

As I walked our dogs this morning a member of our local Mission Viejo VFW told me that they were in favor of starting a drive to aide these victims.
Let me suggest that Juice readers contact their local VFW Post and offer to drop off any clothing or other essentials that are surely needed at this time. With respect to any financial aid I would ask them if a fund is being created where said money will get directly to the victims.

Respectfully, don’t assume that someone else is addressing this need. Thank you!

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