Video of Steven Greenhut’s comments as he joins the Libertarian Party

O.c. Register editorial writer Steven Greenhut quit the Republican Party this Saturday and he registered as a Libertarian at a meeting of the California Libertarian Party at a restaurant called Ricardo’s, in San Juan Capistrano.  Above is part one of our exclusive video of his comments.  Below is part 2.

A number of officers of the California Libertarian party were on hand Saturday to welcome Greenhut to their party.  They included State Chairman Kevin Takenaga; Southern Regional Vice Chair Zander Collier, III; and Secetary Beau Cain (pictured below, on the left).  Also there was blogger, and former O.C. Register editorial writer, John Seiler.  He also quit the GOP and joined the Libertarian Party.  And our OJ blog mistress Sarah Spinosa also showed up for the festivities.

Click here if you would like to join Greenhut as a member of the Libertarian Party.  Click here to find out more about the Libertarian candidate for President, Bob Barr.  Click here for information about the Libertarian Party of Orange County.

In related news, RedState co-founder Joshua Trevino writes on his blog that he can’t bring himself to vote for the Republican ticket, according to the Huffington Post.  He wrote: “Do I believe in John McCain? Not as much as I used to. Do I believe in Sarah Palin? Despite my early enthusiasm for her, now not at all. Do I believe in the national Republican Party? Not in the slightest — even though I see no meaningful alternative to it. So, my choice for President in 2008, scrawled in my ballot as an act of futile protest, is Governor Bobby Jindal of Louisiana.”

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