Time Magazine says Biden and Palin both got a “B”

(Picture Courtesy of Time Magazine)

We all watched tonight’s Vice Presidential debate to see if Joe Biden or Sarah Palin would stumble.  But Time Magazine rated them both a “B.”  Neither one struck out – but neither one hit a home run either.

Time state that Biden “was more specific on national security matters than on domestic subjects. Offered more detail on a range of topics, compared to Palin, but oddly, gained no particular edge from his greater familiarity with national and international issues.”

Exactly!  He knew his stuff but he was boring and uninteresting.

As for Palin, Time assessed her performance thusly, “In a debate of mostly general questions, she chose to never be any more specific than necessary.Had some planned policy points she was keen to make, but such moments were few and fleeting. Benefited from the format, which invited simplicity and avoided confrontation.”

I saw most of the debate.  Biden brought up John McCain’s record again and again.  But he didn’t have many great zingers.  Biden was, as Time put it, “reassuringly stolid and tough,” but he appeared doughy and was not visually interesting.

The camera loves Palin, on the other hand.  And she smirked and winked her way through the debate with her trademark Alaskan accent serving as a counterpoint to Biden’s blah blahs.  And it drove me nuts that she pronounced nuclear in the Bush fashion – “Nucular.”

Time stated that Palin “Didn’t always directly answer the questions asked her, but deflected and hedged with offhand subtlety. Rarely took the bait when Biden faulted McCain. Was happy to resort to the safety of “maverick” imagery in a pinch.”

Time summed up Biden’s performance thusly, “Relentlessly criticized the Bush-McCain-Palin economic policies. Came across more in sadness than anger in deriding his long-time colleague, whom he repeatedly called “John.” Did next to nothing to try to force Palin into errors, which was likely a calculated strategy.”

Again, an accurate assessment.  Biden rode McCain mercilessly but he was nice, for the most part, to Palin.  I got the sense that he was holding back his real feelings.

So after all the build up, nobody won the debate.

In related news, we had fun at our debate watching party, at my house.  Thank you to our supporters who stopped by and had a sausage sandwich, as my personal ode to President Grover Cleveland.

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