The Other Shoe Drops: Janet and Van kiss & make up for DANA!




And so it goes, as the rubber meets the road, with Dana facing the fight of his life from Debbie Cook, the masks come off, the old rivalries fade into nought, Trannie versus Jannie is no more, and all Viet Republicans are one at last in the warm, damp, unifying embrace of Dana’s love. Or as Orwell put it at the end of Animal Farm, “The creatures outside looked from pig to man, and from man to pig, and from pig to man again; but already it was impossible to say which was which.”

Back in March, right after Debbie Cook joined the race against Dana, she and Loretta attended Little Saigon’s Tet Festival in Viet garb.  A startled Dana, catching wind of this development, showed up as well, for the first time in his twenty-year Congressional tenure. They say it was somewhat comical watching him tag along after the two pretty ladies all afternoon, trying to glean an idea how much help Loretta would give Debbie in fundraising.

Little Saigon is growing up, her youth sick unto death of their elders’ War obsession and their anachronistic attachment to the Party of the Rich.  In staggering numbers, young Viets have been registering as Democrats and independents, nauseated, like young people of all races, at what their parents’ politicians have done to this country and planet.  Did you catch the big Obama rally in Little Saigon Saturday?

You’re looking at the future of Little Saigon and Garden Grove.  Among other stars, current and up-and-coming, you can pick out (in the lower pic) GG council candidates Linh Ho and Robin Marcario, Viet Democratic activists Trung Ta and Q. Bao Nguyen (Linh’s campaign adviser who was nearly killed 8 years ago for protesting John McCain’s indiscriminate use of the word “gooks”) and, above right, the brilliant and beloved Dr. Kim Oanh Nguyen-Lam, future Congresswoman Debbie Cook with GG councilman Mark Rosen (who kicked Darth Schroeder’s butt on her behalf earlier this year), and stars of the next generation.

…And these children that you spit on
As they try to change their worlds
Are immune to your consultations
They’re quite aware of what they’re going through
Ch-ch-ch-ch-Changes (Turn and face the strain) Ch-ch-Changes
– Don’t tell them to grow up and out of it! –
Ch-ch-ch-ch-Changes (Turn and face the strain) Ch-ch-Changes
Where’s your shame?  You’ve left us up to our necks in it!
Time may change me, but you can’t trace time…

–Bowie, 1971

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From a typical comment on

Chau Nguyen and others (not just Bolsavik, et al.), have correctly identified a demographic shift which is occuring in the OC Viet community. The younger generation is increasingly registering and voting Democratic whereas the older generation is registered Republican and votes accordingly. Eventually, therefore, the Democrats will outnumber the Republicans demographically speaking…

The reason, I believe, that so many young Viets are looking to the Democrats is that the OC Viet Republican establishment is frozen in time. They peddle the same old thing to the same constituency, regardless of what office they are running for, year after year. Very little actually gets accomplished yet we, including this writer, continue to vote for these candidates because there are rarely any other viable candidates. Do these elected Republican Viet politicans ever really do anything for the Viet community unless by the “community” one means certain real estate developers. What about good jobs? What about public health? What about affordable housing? What about at-risk youth? What about immigrant concerns and rights? The list goes on and on…

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