Ron & Anna’s Non Partisan Ballot

Good grief….what an amazing election year.  The events of the day have created a variety of command decision making on the part of the electorate.  Big changes are afoot as we know in our economy, our social fabric and our world.  It would be too easy to just close our eyes, hold our noses and with a stalwart direction…..just do the same old stuff.  We have determined that “this year” that is not an option.  The Chinese Year of the Rat…tells us that we need to be resourceful, industrious and stay busy.  It also tell us not to be “greedy”….because if we are….their is a giant trap with prize piece of cheese just waiting for us, if we are not careful.

OK, here we go….we will try to offer a few choice words on each issue and of course leave you to make your own choices without argument.

President of the United States:  Obama/Biden  *McCain…can’t convince us that he has any “Conservative” bones in his body!  Palin is a Soccer Mom!

United States Representative 48th District:  Steve Young – Dem  *Our Congressman John Campbell voted for the Bail-Out….is so dedicated to not taking “ear marks” he can’t get our money for Newport Harbor dredging and is so cheap that he hasn’t even put out Re-Election Signs!

State Senator 35th District:  Tom Harman – Rep.   *Harman is a dutiful elected that makes enough effort to have us believe…that at least he is trying to do a good job.  Although, he has been less than effective in taking charge of Re-Regulating Rehab Homes in California.

Member of the State Assembly 70th Dist.:  Chuck DeVore – Rep.  *Chuck is a man among men…..a National Guard Lt. Colonel retired…we think!  In any event,  we cannot state enough how proud we are of Chuck, Dianne and his entire family!  Chuck is one of the few rising stars left in the Republican party!  We will vote for Chuck at any level.

Judge of the Superior Court Office No. 12 – Debra Carillo – Dem.  maybe!  *Debra is running again Kermit Marsh who is a nice guy…but has run for everything but the kitchen sink.  Art Pedroza suggested Debra as a good choice in this race….and we will follow suit. 

Coast Community College Dist. Area #2:  Jerry Patterson – Dem.  *Jerry has “been around the horn and seen all the elephants”…as an incumbent haven’t heard much bad about him.

Coast Community College Dist. Area #3:  Lorraine Prinsky – Party Designation UNK! *This is another Art Pedroza suggestion…based on the double dipping pension issue that incumbent Armando Ruiz was up to.

Coast Community College Dist. Area #4:  Mary Hornbuckle – Rep.  *Mary is a stalwart, kind, loving and hard working incumbent.  How is that possible?

City of Newport Beach Dist. #2:  Gloria Alkire – Party Designation UNK!  *Incumbent Steve Rosansky has some problems which include…treating the citizens with various levels of disrespect, arrogance and distain.  Guess we just don’t like Steve’s style points!  Gloria seems like a nice lady!

City of Newport Beach Dist. #5:  Ed Selich – Rep.  *Ed was one of the four councilmembers that was initially unelected and  had been chosen to replace a councilmember that quit before the end of their term.  Bad process….but Ed seems a nice guy enough and has worked hard to accomplish some things.  Even though he is running Unopposed….we will be giving Ed the nod for another four years! 

City of Newport Beach Dist. #7:  Keith Curry – Rep.  *Keith and his lovely wife are plane smart politicians.  Again, initially unelected….Keith has been responsive in this district and the city.  Dolores Otting is our dear friend and the hardest working girl in politics.  On the likeability scale; the Dolores is sky high and we adore her.  The problem is that Curry is a connected Republican sort and Dolores is not.  To be honest…we need Dolores somewhere in County Government…..she needs issues bigger than the City level.

NOW the State Initiatives:

1A-Safe, Reliable High Speed Passenger Train Bond Act – YES  *The State of California is now only $15 to $18 Billion in deficit by 2010.  Who cares when we get this good idea started…does it really matter? 

2 – Standards for Confining Farm Animals – YES  *Just watch the commercial for YES on 2……that’s enough!

3-Childrens Hospital Bond Act – Grant Program – YES  *Forget the something for developers that want to build Hospitals for kids!

4-Waiting Period and Parental Notification Before Termination of Minor’s Pregnancy – YES  *Sure, there are questions…what about single moms and dads with partners out of state or country?  What if one parent wants the Pregnancy and the other doesn’t?  Is it the right thing to do?  With all its warts…if you were the mom or dad of a teenage girl in trouble…you might want to know…wouldn’t you?

5-NonViolent Drug Offenses, Sentencing, Parole and Rehabilitation – NO   *We oppose this end run to build more REHAB Homes throughout California.  The devil is in the details….what treatment programs…will companies be able to get cash directly from the state to buy REHAB homes in Residential Areas?

6- Police and Law Enforcement Funding Criminal Penalties and Laws – NO  *Building more Prisons in a down economy is just crazy.  We have immense State deficits…already!

7-Renewable Energy Generation – YES  *We have seen both of the commercials and  the idea of renewable energy is worth trying….whatever the cost.  Boondoggles aside…let’s try something new.

8-Eliminates Right of Same Sex Couples to Marry – YES & NO  *Anna and I are split on this one.  She is against it and I am for it.  We both do just love the the YES commercial with Gavin Newsome…..though!  Very funny!

9-Criminal Justice Sytem.  Victims Rights. Parole – YES  *When someone is the victim of a henous crime…or the family of same….they deserve to be notified when some scumbag is up for Parole.

10-Alternative Fuel Vehicles and Renewable Energy Bonds – YES  *This is oh so popular…how could anyone vote against something that sounds so nice?

11-Redistricting – YES  *Enough is enough says Governor Arnold…and we agree!  The tax and spend electeds are all quite secure in their various gerrymandered districts.  We could get three homeless people to make better decisions on Districts in California.  If the Board messes up….at least we have someone to scream at.  Right now, we are totally defenseless!

*Disclaimer:  These choices are the sole suggestions of Ron & Anna Winship and hopefully have no bearing on any political affiliation or special interest.

2008 is a special year….a year which will include our first vote for a Democratic candidate for either higher office or Congress.  We take these decisions carefully and thoughtfully.  Your comments are welcome!

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