Pray for the Sanchez family

Tragedy may have struck the family of Congresswomen Loretta and Linda Sanchez.  “Reps. Loretta and Linda Sanchez’s brother, Henry Sanchez, is one of two boaters that the  U.S. Coast Guard is continuing to search for this morning after a presumed boat accident about five miles off the coast of San Pedro,” according to the O.C. Register.

The Sanchez sisters issued a joint statement thanking the Coast Guard for their efforts to find their brother and his girlfriend, Penny Avila, both residents of Santa Ana.  Congresswoman Loretta Sanchez flew back to Orange County to be with her family, which includes a total of seven brothers and sisters.

Family means a lot to all of us, but especially to Latinos.  No doubt the Sanchez sisters are going through a lot of emotions as the search continues for their older brother.  All we can do is pray for them and send our notes of consolation and support to them.  You may contact Congresswoman Loretta Sanchez at this link and you may contact Congresswoman Linda Sanchez at this link.

The Sanchez sisters recently authored a book together called “Dream in Color,” which chronicles their political successes.  The L.A. Times had this to say about their book, “In “Dream in Color,” their book that comes out Tuesday, the Sanchez sisters take it all on, from their tumultuous political journeys to the pressure and expectations of their Latino constituencies — and at moments, even each other as they recall pivotal moments from their past.”  “Dream in Color” is available for purchase at most bookstores, including Libreria Martinez, in Santa Ana.

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