Now We Know WHY Dana is so worried… (plus, Eat crow, doubters.)


So now, thanks to the Capitol Weekly and loose GOP lips, we know what drove Dana to his unprecedented rash of TV advertisements: Internal polls (evidently the ones Dana conducted four weeks ago) show the race to be a STATISTICAL DEAD HEAT.  And, hm… four weeks ago.  Have things been getting better, or worse, for Democrats, across the nation, in the last four weeks?  Let’s see.  Oh yeah.  BETTER!

That’s apart from the fact of the new breed of McCain/Cook voters.  A few months ago our communications director Joe Shaw said “The day I see a McCain bumper sticker and a Debbie one on the same car, I’ll know we’ve won.”  Well, they’ve been walking in a few a day, explaining themselves to us, “They both seem to be reformers who like to work across the aisle.”  I bite my lip about McCain, nod my head, and hand them a sign, a badge, a sticker, and sign them up as volunteers.

Rest assured, I have not forgotten one smart-ass word from know-it-all Republicans in the local blogosphere.  So, d’Anconia, “JC,” and the rest of you, prepare your appetites for this in 19 days:

d’Anconia,  July 15, 2008 8:16 AM said:

Lol sounds like these Dems are a little hypersensitive about anything that can prove derogatory to Cook’s election.

Face it Dems: Cook is just a whacko treehugger who believes bears carry more value than humans. Orange County voters don’t agree with the idea that we pump gas in our cars because we’re “genetically deficient”.

Cook is done. Put a fork in her.

Cook is Goosed , July 16, said:

Debbie is an extreme anti-business environmental leftist. Not too much call for that in this heavily Republican district.

Anon Says:

Global warming alarmist…climate change fibber…incompetent Mayor…liar about Peak Oil.

Typical “victimized” opportunist…will lose big-time and thankfully be out of our hair for a while.

JC Says:

Give us a break, Nelson. The only thing your girl claims to know anything about is peak oil, and she’s dead wrong about that. You’re giving her way too much credit. She’ll lose 60-40 or worse.

James Says:

Please, since when has Dana ever been afraid to tell it like it is and leave it to the voters to decide? I predict you’ll have to eat your words when he destroys what’s her name in the debates.

cook Says:

Too bad,

Dana will slide into another easy congressional victory.

zoom daddy Says:

Lame Vern, very lame. (re. my “I Got a Crush on Debbie Cook” song)

This is a solid Reep district – save your breath.

Please play this (song) often! Says:

You need to play this song everywhere you can! It shows how far out in left field Debbie Cook and her supporters really are.

This may work for the Code Pink liberal extremists, but that’s not going to carry much weight in Costa Mesa, HB.

  1. The Prognosticator Says:
    Gerrymandering will not allow her to get more than 47%. Even against a loon like Dana.
  2. junior Says:
    Gotta’ admit – the commercial is well done.

    However, I agree with the Prog – not enough dems in this high-roller district.

  3. The Prognosticator Says:
    … I am not a fan of gerrymandering at all, I’m just stating facts. Debbie Cook will not get elected. I’ve personally talked to too many old people that just love Dana. They can’t tell you why they love him, or what he’s done, but they love him.

    Did I forget to mention that I don’t like gerrymandering?

    We can hope that this will be the year that he gets retired once and for all ala Bob Dornan but there’s just no way that’s going to happen. Not in that District. I don’t call myself the Prognosticator for nothing.

    Have fun wasting your time though Vern!

Newsflash folks: The Huntington Beach City Council won’t give a hoot about your toot if you don’t live in Huntington Beach. But if it makes you feel better, more power to you.

Heather, Mr. Gillock’s hyperbole and historical liberties aside, why in heaven’s name (or its secular equivilant) would you want to ensure the defeat of Mayor Cook by urging her to turn against the national motto which was supported by 90% of the American public in a 2003 Gallup poll? Is there some polling data you haven’t shared with us that demonstrates that the 46th C.D. somehow thinks we ought to give God and/or the motto a pink slip?

And if you, Gillick and others are bent on destroying whatever chance Cook has for victory in November, why stop with the motto in Huntington Beach? Give Cook a 4 point platform which will:

1) Remove God from the Pledge of Allegience

2)Remove In God We Trust from all of our currency.

3) Eliminate In God We Trust as our national motto.

4) Airbrush out God from important national documents like the Declaration of Independence and the Gettysburg address

If you’re sucessful in putting Mayor Cook in a position where she votes against the motto then whatever blip in support she got from the ill fated misadventure by Mike Schroeder will be more then washed away.

There’s a reason why Republicans like to put forward some of these mom and apple pie issues in election years: some liberal Democrats just can’t help themselves, forget the focus on the economy, take the bait and start teeing off on American traditions. And then the GOP closes with public.


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