McCain Has Lost Fiscal Conservatives

I expect socialism from left wingers like George W. Bush and Barack Obama, but with McCain voting with Bush and Obama in favor of the Wall Street rescue/bailout he has lost my vote.

Here I already sent him $100 and was ready to get some bumper stickers and help man his phone banks. And I would prefer to see Root on top of the Libertarian ticket instead of Barr given Barr’s voting record on immigration, but its not a perfect world and a libertarian vote looks like the lesser of three evils as a way of making a meaningful and accurate statement at the voting booth.

Strike one against McCain (now that he has shaken me off of the right wing of his band wagon) was making the cynical choice of Palin as a VP to target voters with bibles and/or breasts, when no one really believes she is 2nd most qualified of 300 million Americans to serve in the post.

Strike two is his willingness to put my children $700 billion further in the hole with the Chinese to fund the quantum leap in democratic socialism that is grasping for euphisms as a “bailout” or “rescue”. When you’re in a crisis you go with what you believe in. Government intervention and excessive government spending make things worse. So why would we respond to a crisis by making things worse?

Strike three is the fact that this isn’t baseball and you don’t necessarily get three strikes. And btw, hats off to Rohrabacher and Sanchez for voting “no” on the bailout.

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