Manny’s replacement beats the Angels…

Darn those Red Sox!  They beat our Angels again.  And even worse the killing blow, well, winning run at any rate, was administered by Jason Bay – the Canadian slugger that the Red Sox picked up when they dumped Manny Ramirez on the L.A. Dodgers.  Oh the irony.  The real L.A. team is still in the playoffs – and they got there because of Manny Ramirez.  And now, if they can beat the Phillies, they will make it to the World Series.  Will the Red Sox be meeting them there?

The Red Sox still have to beat the suddenly awesome Tampa Bay Rays.  I’ll say this for the Rays, they have speed, pitching and power.  They should match up quite well with the aging but oh so lucky Red Sox.  But if the Red Sox prevail, wouldn’t it be great to see them match up with the boys in blue in the World Series?

Who will prevail – Manny or his replacement?  Oh the drama!  My money is on Manny winning it all – again.  As for the Angels, their awesome year amounted to nothing.  And now they will likely lose both Frankie Rodriguez and Mark Texeira to free agency.  But the Angels are loaded.  They have Kendry Morales ready to take over at first base – and he has power to spare.  And Jose Arrendondo looks like their next All Star closer.

So the Angels will live to fight another day – but the Dodgers are still in it and I for one will be pulling for them.  I still remember how awesome their last World Series was – and that was a long time ago.  Let’s hope they trash the Phillies.  And while I can’t stand the Red Sox i hope they beat the Rays so Manny can punk them in the World Series…baseball karma – there’s nothing like it!

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