It’s a Bill Gates Conspiracy!

Have you ever wondered who Bill Gates and Steve Ballmer are supporting for President of the United States?  Bill Gates just celebrated his birthday on the 28th of October.  Happy early Halloween Bill!  Bill just turned 53 and reigns as the 2nd richest American.  Bill and Melinda have a Foundation that helps kids and Bill even does commercials with Jerry Seinfeld.  This is a guy that will rank along with Thomas Alva Edison as people that “rocked our world” forever!  Steve Jobs aside… the year 4000….will they still be talking about the Mac or Bill Gates?

OK, we are all prisoners of technology.  Sometimes the frustrations are just little inconvenient nit-nits…while other times there are major crash and burn experiences that can really ruin a perfectly good day.  We felt we might do a quick review of what has happened since 1995, so we all have better look at what has happened all along the way to the election of November 2008!

In 1995, we were all introduced to Windows 95… computer Operating System that virtually changed the world as we knew it.  It opened our minds and our eyes to the power of the Internet.  We didn’t know that Al Gore had invented the Grey Mouse or how to do e-mail.  After buying a Windows 95 Compaq 4884 266 Mhz speed burning computer however….we learned all about CD readers, floppy discs and the dreaded 64 Megabite Exception for RAM that crashed our beautiful Microsoft Windows 95!  That we were able to save by having a friend whose nieces boyfriend was a “Computer Geek” download a copy of Windows 98…….to save the day!

Then came the Microsoft Detroit Plan….”Planned Obsolescence”!  Windows 98SE, Windows 2000….Windows ME……and then finally Windows XP!  Every step of the way….we fought progress.  After Windows 98SE…we waited until they refused to support our old machine, wound up buying three more XP computers and a lap top!  Since we never did Windows Updates with our old 98SE machine much until the end times…we stayed determined to keep our XP machines up to date…at all costs.  Of course we found that we couldn’t just say: “Automatically update our machine!” … No, sometimes Microsoft added little stuff that went bogus….went off the rails…caused other faults to occur….which caused us to “delete” some of the “Windows Updates” that weren’t so good to our machines!

In any event, then came Vista!  Since we were lucky enough NEVER to have had Windows 2000 or Windows ME….it was quite a shock to get into the new Windows Vista World!  We thought we might be cautious.  We would buy a low cost DEMO model machine from the local Circuit City.  How bad could we be hurt for $179 bucks?  It was a Windows Vista Machine….just in case Gates and Ballmer would throw XP under the bus…..or use one of their cyber RPG’s to take our wonderful XP machines out when they felt like it.

Well, things had changed.  These new “low cost machines” offered up “shared memory”.  That means when you add RAM…that all the Graphics that the machine uses…..has to “Share the RAM” will both the Graphics demands and the operational demands of the computer.  Result:  It slows your machine down to a snails pace.  The only fix is to add a Stand Alone Graphics Card…..$85 bucks.  Also, since this machine was so slow….we decided to upgrade the processor to 3.4 Mhz vs. 2.2 Mhz.  $198 bucks!  That resulted in getting ready for Vista Service Pack 1.  When we downloaded that…it blew up the original Vista Operating System.  Had to take it to the local Computer Geek to fix. $109 bucks. 

With the new Service Pack 1 in place…our new processor got so hot that it melted the motherboard.  Needed to take it back to replace the motherboard and add a high volume cooling fan.  Of course, we also had to trade out the new Graphics card we add for one compatible with our new motherboard.  So, $209 bucks out the door!  Well, now we are getting ready for Vista Service Pack 2….which is supposed to come out soon!  Luckily for us, we only use this machine for our local surveillance cameras!  How long will this baby work Mr. Gates?  When are you coming out with Windows 7…which is supposed to be a new improved Vista?  Let us just say, we will never buy another DEMO machine again.  We will never buy an AMD Chip Computer.  We will never buy another Vista machine…..EVER!

Meanwhile, we have the most contenscious election in American History!  We also have the biggest Economic Meltdown in World History!  We also have to concede that perhaps if this all keeps up…..we will have to finally bite the bullet and go to a MAC machine!  So, our question is:  Is Windows 7 …which is scheduled to come out next year….another XP or is it mearly Windows ME?

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