Is Carlos Bustamante proposing to sterilize his constituents?

Santa Ana Councilman Carlos Bustamante is known for sticking his feet in his mouth and the video clip above is a good illustration of that.  In this video, Bustamante says that “there are people in this town who shouldn’t be having kids.”

Who is Bustamante to make a statement like that?  How is he going to determine who should and who should not have kids?  Is he proposing to sterilize his constituents?  Doesn’t this sound like Hitler’s “final solution?”  Unbelievable.  How did this clown ever get elected in the first place – and why is Santa Ana Mayor Miguel Pulido STILL promoting him after those awful “waterbra” remarks?

These comments were made by Bustamante at a public meeting of the City’s NICE Committee.  But his remarks certainly weren’t nice.

The kicker is that Bustamante was one of the loudest proponents for the City’s “Code of Ethics.”  And yet he has repeatedly violated his own Code – and no one has held him accountable to it.  I am sure he will be touting the Code in his mailers…

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