Focus on Coastal Community College District Board of Education Candidates: Lorraine Prinsky

A great candidate has emerged to take on Armando Ruiz – the Trustee who ripped off the taxpayers by retiring then running again for the Coast Community College District’s Board of Education, so he could double his pension.  The challenger is Dr. Lorraine Prinsky.  You can find out more about her at her Smart Voter campaign website.  She also has a regular campaign website.

Prinsky has been teaching Sociology at Cal State Fullerton for 35 years.  You can read more about her biographical highlights at this link.

Prinsky has a lot of endorsements, which you can read by clicking here.  Her supporters include:

  • Women in Leadership
  • Jack Bedell, President, California County Boards of Education; Member, Orange County
    Board of Education
  • Brian Conley, Governing Board Member, Rancho Santiago Community College District
  • Coast Federation of Educators
  • Community College Association/CTA
  • CTAE–California Teachers for Academic Excellence
  • Bonnie Castrey, Trustee, Huntington Beach High School District
  • Dean Mancina, President, Coast Federation of Educators
  • Michael Matsuda, Trustee, North Orange County Community College District
  • Kimoanh Nguyen-Lam, Garden Grove Unified School District Trustee
  • Patricia Arfsten, OCC Faculty

Prinsky has my full endorsement as well.  Ruiz ripped off the voters.  It is past time to dump him already.


Our friends at the Liberal OC Blog just posted another story about Ruiz and his wasteful ways.  Here are a few excerpts:

Coast Community College Board Trustee, Armando Ruiz, known for resigning just before the last election four years ago so he could double-dip on his retirement, is feeding from the trough once again. He has booked a trip to New York City the weekend before the election to attend a conference of the Association of Community College Trustees.

At a time of severe budget shortfalls, Ruiz has decided to extend his stay an extra night even though the conference ends at noon and there is plenty of time to catch a flight back the same day. I wonder if he is staying the extra night so he can watch the New York City Marathon?

“The fact that he’s going to the conference and that we’re paying for it isn’t an issue,” says Trustee challenger Lorraine Prinsky, “the issue is that Ruiz didn’t bother to consider the budget shortfalls and save a little money by leaving on the day the conference ends.”

According to fellow Trustee Jerry Patterson, Coast Community College Board exceeded its budget for travel by over $20,000 last year. Trustees Patterson, Hornbuckle, and Moreno have cancelled their participation in this years conference due to budget shortfalls. While community college classes are being cut due to lack of funding Ruiz continues to fund travel junkets and authorize extended stays.

Click here to read the rest of this Liberal OC post.

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