FL Congressman Tim Mahoney. There’s other political news to cover than beating up on Prop 8

Some of my Juice colleagues have been hammering Prop 8 yet ignore a scandel in their side of the aisle. This writer will not overlook this story that others choose to ignore. FL Congressman Tim Mahoney whose affairs have destroyed his marriage.
Following is from TCPalm newspaper.
Tim Mahoney scandal  Mahoney’s wife files for divorce

By Kit Bradshaw (Contact), Tyler Treadway (Contact)
 October 20, 2008

PALM BEACH GARDENS — In divorce papers filed Monday, the wife of Congressman Tim Mahoney claims her husband “recently sold jointly owned real property” moved the proceeds to an account in his name and “dissipated funds from said account.”

Terry Ellen Mahoney also claims that in the last two years Tim Mahoney “dissipated marital assets” and asks for a full accounting of the transactions so that she can collect her share.

Tim Mahoney, who has admitted to “numerous” affairs, said he paid Patricia Allen of Hobe Sound, a former staffer with whom he was romantically linked, $121,000 out of his own pocket to settle a sexual harassment lawsuit Allen threatened.

In a petition for dissolution of marriage filed Monday by Stuart attorney Karen Steger in the North Palm Beach County Courthouse, Terry Mahoney says the couple’s marriage is “irretrievably broken and should be dissolved.”

Terry Mahoney states in the petition that she is “in need of temporary, lump sum, rehabilitative and permanent periodic alimony, which the husband is well able to provide for.”

In his most recent financial disclosure form filed with Congress, Tim Mahoney listed his net worth as between $3.2 million and $12.7 million.

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