Draining the Swamp…won’t help this time!

Thinking that the actions of the House of Representatives and the Congress is going to help – get another idea!  The US Treasury influxed $700 Billion dollars into the system – just last week.  That has disappeared as quickly as it had arrived.  The Credit Liquidity Crisis has been caused by borrowing US Treasury money at 2% and lending it to European Markets at 5%.  With the ability to trade instantly by computer……no amount of money will be large enough to stop the bleeding without instant Federal Regulations for banks and Home Loans.  Whats Paulson/Bernanke’s next big idea…lower interest rates!  That should help….NOT!

The most intelligent and brighest economists in the world know how to fix the problems.  But Congress in not listening.  Congress is just going to continue to feather its own nest….not taking into consideration the people on “Main Street” that have played by the rules:  Invested dutifully in Roths and IRA’s, 401K’s and Pensions and Retirement Funds.  These are the same people that pay each year for their Auto and Boat, Health and Life Insurance.  These are the same people that have put aside money each year for their children and sometimes their grandchildrens education.  The Wall Street Investor/Brokers, that wanted their 22% return each year…..have taken all that away.  They know NO Borders and care not what happens to their fellows.  As a result, this Bail-Out will fail…and we all may soon look back upon these times…..as the good ones! 

We now are generating a process of pouring sand down a rat hole!  Unless we take the advice of the top economists in this country…R. Glenn Hubbard and others…and immediately take charge of the banking and Home Loan Industries………nothing will change….except sending us closer and closer to a one world currency that insures a mega-inflation global economy.  By diminishing the value of the American Dollar….we will be forced into a “Euro-Dollar World”.  It may be even worse than that.  We need to look quickly at Japan…..which has missed this crisis because it never invested in the bogus Hedge Funds, Derivatives or Bad Debt Sub-Prime worthless paper!  In the words of the Japanese Ambassador: “We were not invited to the party!”   This is the reason the European Bankers such as Union Bank of Switzerland is sweating hard….if the Congress doesn’t send them Trillions….immediately.  Not Billions mind you…Trillions!

It was a great thing to see the American people rise up and stop the first Bail-Out bill.  Good job America!  What is so sad is to hear all the callers to C-SPAN now whose 401K’s and Retirement Accounts have vanished.  Unless Congress demands immediately changes to the Banking rules and freezes and renegoiates Home Loans nothing good is going happen!  Passing this bogus “Pork with a Fork” Bill…….is a sad day for America!  No one can print money fast enough to Drain this Swamp!  It instead requires a plug….and the effort of great heroes to dive down to the bottom to place it there!

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