Arrogance caught on camera. Mission Viejo councilman Frank Ury’s 100% retroactive pay increase

This is not a personal attack. The camera lens does not lie.  For Mission Viejo City councilman Frank Ury to vote a “100 percent” wage increase, backdated 16 years before his being elected to our city council, is the height of arrogance.

I watched the presidential Town Hall debate last night where the focus was on our crashing economy. However that fact was irrelevant to the Mission Viejo city council majority’s approval of a 100 percent wage increase for themselves on Monday evening, one day earlier.

Frank Ury was elected in 2004. Trish Kelley and Lance MacLean were first elected in 2002. Along with John Paul Ledesma they voted to double their monthly stipend by crediting the prior 20 years going all the way back to the formation of our city in 1988.

I don’t care if you are CEO at Intel, Apple or E-Bay. You cannot roll back credit at 5% per year to double your current wage. Nice, or should I say stupid, for Frank to cast his vote in favor of this increase 30 days before his running for reelection.
Somewhere I recall him labeling himself as a fiscal conservative Republican.

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