Are We Having Fun Yet?

By Jim Walker, Candidate for the Santa Ana City Council, Ward 1

Dear friends,

It sounds like (almost) everyone had a good time at the NAACP Forum the other night.

I do apologize for not being able to be in more than one place at a time, and I do wish to have had been a part of the evenings festivities.  But alas, until that new European Cyclotron comes on line and is able to make duplicates of us, we will have to live with choices we make.

Nevertheless – as the discourse for the next 23 days seems to have reached a new level – let me extend an “OPEN INVITATION” to Vince Sarmiento (and all candidates) to join me at any “Town Hall Meeting” – any neighborhood would like to conduct.

I would welcome any opportunity to debate Mr. Sarmiento and allow citizens to compare our plans to make Santa Ana a much better place to live as well as compare our records of just what each of us have done to make it so.

Jim Walker – Candidate for Ward 1 Santa Ana City Council

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