Defending the American Dream summit part 4 of 4 with John Stossel, Fred Barnes, Herman Cain & Steven Moore

While this series is not related to “breaking news” this will be the final segment in that we have numerous elections to cover. While I cannot convey all of the many energized presentations of last weekend I am pleased that C-SPAN did cover part of the Saturday activities where that two hour video is freely available on their web site.
Simply search for “Americans for Prosperity” which should take you to the link.

Note: I have no idea how long this link will be available.

While I will close with a few comments of the state delegation reports let’s begin this part four with the remarks from Fred Barnes, Executive Director of the Weekly Standard whose opening line was “I am an American for Prosperity.” He followed saying he/we “favor people over trees.”

He encouraged the crowd saying “the election is not over” adding that “If we lose we will face larger liberal majorities in the House, Senate and White House.  We could face huge liberal majorities and will not have the ability to block legislation.” He went on to mention filibuster strategy.

“Obama-economics equals higher taxes, increased regulation. Higher taxes on those who create jobs.” He then mentioned free trade telling us that “Obama voted against “free trade.”

His next area of concern is the labor union promotion of the pending “Card Check” Bill that would eliminate the secret ballot in union elections. Here again is an example of deceptive “Title and Summary,” for which I personally had knowledge of with Prop 98 in CA when our submission was altered.

The title reads “Employee Free Choice Act” (HR 800). This Bill was blocked in the Senate last year Note: “Organized labor has made support for the Card Check Bill a litmus test for candidates they will support in the election.” Membership roles in private sector unions have dropped to about 7.5 percent. This Bill would give unions an unfair advantage in union organizing. Fred told us that “Obama promised to sign the legislation.”

For the record State laws permitted by section 14(b) of the TAFT-HARTLEY ACT that provide in general that employees are not required to join a union as a condition of getting or retaining a job.

Right-to-work laws forbid unions and employers to enter into agreements requiring employees to join a union and pay dues and fees to it in order to get or keep a job. Twenty-one states, mostly in the South and West, have right-to-work laws.”

With the powerhouse lineup of speakers it was tough to choose which one hit home the most. That said I will cast my vote for radio host/author Herman Cain who hit two themes in his presentation. Prosperity and the “death tax.”

Herman opened by quoting his own version of the Declaration of Independence. “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and prosperity” adding that a lot of people are confused about prosperity. He said their idea is “more taxes, more spending, more government. Nancy Pelosi believes prosperity is a new direction. Joe Biden said its patriotic. He described liberal Kool Aid drinkers in America saying “there is no Department of Happy in Washington, DC.” Herman told us not to get deceived. Prosperity means the pursuit of happiness…not a guarantee.”

Herman shared the trials of his dad Luther who lived in a small shack in GA with a dream to eventually buy a whole house for his family. That was his American dream and he eventually achieved it the old fashioned way, he worked for it.” Starting with nothing, and working three jobs, his dad wanted to have a million dollar net worth before he died. Hermann said he made it. His dad died in 1982 with an estate valued at $982,000.
And the connection to the death tax. “Liberals want to take it away in 2011. That money that his dad scrimped and saved was to provide for his wife’s health care who had MS for 23 years. “That’s what your sweat equity should be used for.”

He closed by saying that “we still live in the greatest country in the world and we need to keep it that way.”  Quoting from Emerson “Hold fast to your dreams.”

Wall Street Journal’s Steven Moore, former president of the Club for Growth, had just flown to LA to appear with Maxine Waters on the Bill Maher show and jumped on a plane to be back in time to join us. He is the author of the book entitled “the End of Prosperity.”

Steve quoted Congresswoman Waters testimony from two years ago relating to Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae in which she uttered that famous line, “if it ain’t broke don’t fix it.” He said he asked her to give back the $15,000 she received from them which Steve said she denied receiving. He spoke of government spending and said in the past ten years we are now half capitalism and half socialism adding that the government wants to go with socialism. Soaking the rich, the top one percent that pays 39.8% of our taxes.

The top 50% pay 97% of the taxes with the balance only paying three percent. He went on to report that 35% of Americans do not pay any taxes at all. We are redefining the welfare state. Obama sees benefits as a tax cut adding that “his (Obama) tray table is in the upright and locked position.”

Steve said liberals love jobs but hate employers.”

He shifted to another critical area stating that the greatest scam of the 21st century is “global warming.”  Thousands of scientists say this is made up of hot air.

His closing line was “no more bailouts, no more bailouts.”

Let me close with a few of the state delegations reports. I thought I was attending one of the presidential conventions with the same type signage and delegates sitting within their own state chapters. This carpetbagger sat in with the New Jersey Delegation (as a former resident where I engaged in networking.)

AZ. Proposed new state sales tax blocked in Legislature  $3 billion deficit

CA. With 30,000 Americans for Prosperity members. Dave Spady reported on our June rally at the Capitol where we delivered 30,000 petitions as we are “already taxed to the Max.”  Even with an $18 billion deficit we persuaded Republicans not to vote for a tax increase as our “grass roots” effort succeeded.

FL Defeated a property tax hike

GA Defeated inventory tax

KS First AFP unit with 30,000 members. Stopped billion dollar tax increase

MICH. Lost over 200,000 jobs in the auto industry..Rise in poverty

NJ Governor raised taxes 102 times. Governor wanted to sell our highways to their friends on Wall Street. No borrowing without voter approval

NC “If we wanted to live in Socialist Europe we would move there. Twenty times politicians tried to raise property taxes and we beat them everytime.” 30,000 members

“Pork is for eating, not spending.”

TX Leading transparency..every dollar spent is on line. We have a $14 billion surplus.
Tax dollars used to lobby for more and spend liberals.

WISC. Defeated major (proposed) tax increase  16,000 AFP members

Let me close with the a few one liners from Grover Norquist, John Fund and John Stossel. Hopefully their entire presentations are found on C-SPAN

Grover Norquist. The issue that moves people to politics is “to be left alone.”  “Don’t raise my taxes

John Fund. ACORN finally reached Main Street media.”He closed saying that where the dead vote we have “representation without respiration.”

John Stossel 20/20. “I am the only defender of freedom on the major networks.”
In his remarks he told us that “Americans think government can give us health care..the private sector always does it better. Medicare is $35 trillion dollars in the hole. He later stated that “we are not spending like drunken sailors..(they) who spend their own money.”

Thank you for enduring through these four lengthy reports on the “Americans for Prosperity” summit meeting. In my view it was too important not to share this event that most of the Orange Juice readers would never see published elsewhere outside of the blogs of my peers who, like myself, were treated on equal footing of traditional print media.

Larry Gilbert, Member, AFP’s California delegation

cc: AFP leaders and “bloggers” from across the nation

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