A man’s just gotta know his limitations!

The Daily Pilot 103 Most Influential List came out today!

Years ago, when the Daily Pilot first came out with their list of Most Influential Persons in the Newport-Mesa area, it was done halfway tongue in cheek. Oddball people would show up on the list and be mixed with the movers and shakers.  People cocked their heads and said: “Who?”  When the famous bearded Sid Soffer showed up…it was great! Then as the list
started to gain greater heft….people like Chris Cox…our then Congressman got to join the ranks of Henry and Renee Segerstrom, George and Judy Argyros, Tom Fuentes and Fletcher Jones! Slowly, “electeds” were filtered in to the process!

Hey, this was Reagan Republican territory and by golly if “the Pilot” happened to add the Director of Save Our Selves or some other liberal organization it was considered an attempt at fair reporting. Today Republican icon Scott Baugh and the Democrat,  Frank Barbro are sharing the Number #1 spot of the 103 Most Influential.

Olympic Gold Medal Resident and “Dancing with the Stars” injury victim Misty May-Treanor came in at Number #3….but we didn’t even see Kobe Bryant, Aaron Piersol or others….(they were all lumped as #49 under “Other Olympic Winners)! Which is very weird!  2nd District Supervisor John Moorlach came in at Number #5, ahead of the all the money people: Don Bren #6, Henry and new wife Elizabeth Segerstrom #7 (Elizabeth not even mentioned)and Henry and Susan Samueli #76 (Currently..under indictment for Stock Option misdeeds)! Bill & Sue Gross (New Money) did come in one ahead of Moorlach at the Number #4 spot!  Which is all really, really weird! If these people with billions aren’t Influential….then who is?

The controversy surrounding Independent Expenditures by  Jack Croul for Dolores Otting has launched him into the Number #2 slot….while his pal America’s Cup Captain Bill Ficker was pulling up lame at #28! The current mojo and all the razz-ma-tazz regarding Dolores Otting has moved our
darling Dolores onto the list for the first time at Number #88 just behind our pal Dr. Jan Vandersloot at Number #87 – which we do believe is deserved but late…years late!  Dolores was not mentioned in reference to her running against Council member: Keith Curry..not listed!

How “electeds” make this list every year is a bit disturbing…in that….if they truly had the power….they probably should have been spending time “fixing stuff” rather than considering themselves “Most Influential”. FED Bail Out Lead Congressman John Campbell landed at Number #12, Ex Costa Mayor Mayor Gary Monahan who is running again for Costa Mesa City Council came in ahead of his pal Eric Bever at Number #29, while up for re-election Bever got Number #32!  Why Katrina Foley..another CM Council member up for re-election got Number #31 is beyond us?

Back to Sports: Super Agent Scott Boras (for Manny Ramirez) landed at Number #9….but the guy that made the Newport Beach Film Festival actually happen…Leigh Steinberg…didn’t even make the list! Then what about Angel’s Coach Mike Scioscia?  Nope! The Angels evidently didn’t make it to the World Series this year – so how Influential could they be?

Now let’s get real here; NB City Council member Steve Rosansky #23 and ahead of Dave Ellis at Number #24? Hey, we love Homer Bludau our stalwart Newport Beach City Manager…but Number #55, behind Allan Roeder of Costa Mesa at #41?  Hey, the Pilot had no qualms about making ties happen like Bob and Jeff Teller (The Orange County Fair Administrators) and maybe 10 more!  Rosansky and Ellis…certainly shouldn’t be listed high on anyones scale!  Influential?  How about just plain bugging?

Let’s just say that we were pleased to see Assemblyman Chuck DeVore get listed along with Wendy Leece and Alan Mansoor..Tom Harman, Dana Rohrabacher, Debbie Cook, Jim Righeimer, Ed Selich and Van Tran too! However, these are all “just electeds” and hardly as “Influential” as say:

“Hoag Hospital”, “The Lincoln Club”, “Fashion Island”, “The Toshiba Classic”, Mr. G and Producer of “The OC” or even Paul Salata and “Mr. Irrelevant Week”. Aren’t they just supposed to be: “Public Servants or Representatives – for the people?”

 How about the Army Corps of Engineers? You know, the ones that don’t want to spend the government money to dredge our bay!  The ones John Campbell, our 70th Congressman keeps blaming!  They seem pretty “Influential”.

Let’s just say there are a few holes in the list this year.  Award winning Blogger; Geoff West – “The Bubbling Cauldron” is perhaps one of the most consistent and caring voices in the Newport Mesa area. “Influential”? Very! Just a glaring Daily Pilot oversight we suppose! Let us hope that next year..the 103 Most Influential list..will not be dedicated to “Electeds”
or “Bureaucrats”! How about people that are doing the caring and loving service for the Newport Mesa Community or that are celebrities that live in our community – making a difference!

Those are the ones – truly the “Most Influential”!

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