Who should vote Republican?

John McCain…lost all the Bush supporters right after he got the nomination.  According to current numbers…that is between 28 to 34 percent of the an agitated voting group.  We are now left with virtually….no conservative, family values representation.  So, now that the Governor of Alaska has been named as McCain’s running mate….this is called…..”throw the Conservatives and base of the party a bone!”  For those that care…or for those New Majority people who think you are fooling the “dumb base”….you are just a tad wrong!

What is crazy is that even if Fred Thompson was the nominee, Sarah Palin could have been “his” running mate….without all the chaos created.  Or how about Rudy Guiliani and Sarah Palin?  Or Mitt Romney and Sarah Palin?  Hey, it gives you the idea that virtually anyone else could have been “a livable choice”!  So, why all the enmity against the McCain/Palin “team”?  Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue!  Not inventive!

OK, as we watched the Ron Paul Convention and were transfixed by his remarks and those of Jessie Ventura…..it definitely brought a smile to our lips.  Everything that Paul was talking about had a wonderful “ring” to it.  It made sense and it made us happy to hear an alternative to what the major parties are saying.  Will Ron Paul be able to change anything?  Well, certainly not in 2008!  Will Ralph Nader be able to make a dent in the votes destined for the Major Parties?  The chances are not good.

So, where does this leave us?  It leaves us with an NRA endorsed, Pro-Life, female politician from Alaska as the Vice Presidential pick.  Is this another Dan Quayle moment for the Republicans?  Is this another disconnect and wet rag in the face of the Republican base?  Hey, we would have supported Carly Fiorina as McCain’s running mate…..because at least we know that she brings the knowledge of the economy to the fray.  At least HP has offices around the world.

Let us be clear….sadly Ms. Palin has been attacked with impunity and what has come out so far…..has not been helpful to McCain, the Republicans or to the Palin family.  Not realizing the consequences of throwing a hat in the ring is either the fault of the McCain vetting staff or the decision making of the Palin family. 

It is going to be a huge uphill battle for McCain to beat Obama in this campaign as it is.  Adding insult to injury…has not been created by the media but by missteps of the McCain campaign advisors..whoever they are!  It was wonderful to see Laura Bush last night at the Republican Convention as well as President Bush.  Count us as part of the 28 to 34 percent…who cling tenaciously to decorum, caring and the necessary war on terror.  Those issues aside……we will not be voting for McCain!  As all can see…..McCain has already failed on two of the three issues we care about.  Can he make a comeback?  Not likely!  This time we are breaking with Sean Hannity, Rush Limbaugh, Newt Gingrich with the chorus of paid punditry and voting our conscious!

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