SAUSD School Board Candidate Update

Two of the candidates for the Santa Ana Unified School District’s Board of Education have their signs up already, all over Santa Ana.  You can’t drive a block without seeing Irene Ibarra’s and Mike Gonzalez’ signs.

However something sinister has been happening to some of Irene’s signs.  Apparently someone affiliated with the campaign of Cecilia Aguinaga is stealing some of Irene’s signs – but get this, they are leaving the metal frames in place and simply sliding Cecilia’s signs onto them!  Talk about classless!  I can only hope that Cecilia has nothing to do with this and that these actions are due to the actions of an over-enthusiastic supporter.

Cecilia does have a fundraiser coming up on September 11, which seems an odd date to be doing that.  You can read more about it at this link.

Another SAUSD candidate, and there are quite a few this year, Valerie Amezcua, has been endorsed by the Democratic Party of Orange County, but my sources tell me that she is having a heck of a time raising money.  Apparently she is now relying more and more on her father, outgoing Rancho Santiago Community College District Trustee Al Amezcua.  That could backfire on Valerie however as Al has made more than a few enemies in Santa Ana over the years.

I am hearing no buzz whatsoever about the other SAUSD school board candidates although I’m sure they are working hard on their campaigns.  They include Gloria Alvarado, Roman Reyna and incumbents Rob Richardson and Jose Hernandez.  The latter had to be embarrassed when the DPOC did not endorse him even though he is an appointed incumbent.

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