Republicans against Prop. 8?

A friend of mine attended the California Republican Party Convention in Anaheim this weekend.  He reported that they failed to meet quorum, which is embarrassing.  More interesting was the fact that “Republicans Against Prop. 8” stickers were in abundance.  Can this be true?

Yes!  Here is what this organization has to say about itself, on its website: “Republicans Against 8 is a Campaign Committee of concerned California Republicans who believe in limited government, personal responsibility, the maintenance of Constitutionally-protected rights and freedoms, and in protecting California’s business climate.”

So who is behind this new organization?  “Republicans Against 8 was founded by the Log Cabin Republicans, the nation’s largest coalition of gay and lesbian Republicans, and their allies. The Log Cabin Republicans were founded in 1978, when they joined with Gov. Ronald Reagan to fight Proposition 6, the “Briggs Amendment,” which would have banned gay and lesbian Californians from teaching in public schools.”

Kudos to the Log Cabin Republicans for breaking away from the rest of their party to battle Prop. 8!  As I stated in an earlier post, if marriage is sacred enough to warrant backing Prop. 8, why don’t its backers fund a ballot measure to make divorce illegal?

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