O.C. Lincoln Club says “No” to Carlos Bustamante!

Wow.  It looks like Santa Ana Councilman Carlos Bustamante DID NOT get endorsed by the Lincoln Club of Orange County!  This should have been a slam dunk for him, since Bustamante is a Republican and the Lincoln Club supports Republicans.  But when you consider that this organization is in favor of limiting government, Bustamante simply doesn’t cut it.

He voted twice to raise our water rates this past year – even though I proved through my own research that the City of Santa Ana spends ten percent more than other water agencies on administration.  Bustamante also supported Measure G -a property tax increase that SAUSD Trustee John Palacio said was unnecessary. 

And Bustamante, as an incumbent, helped put the City of Santa Ana in a $28 million budget deficit that he has no answers for.

It looks like Bustamante’s reelection won’t be a slam dunk after all…

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