Lipstick 1: Some initial thoughts on the McCain-Palin ticket

First, all of us, starting with the Obama campaign, should stop saying that John McCain has voted with the Bush Administration only “90% of the time.” That is actually his average over the last 8 years. A few years back when he was still playing maverick it got to as low as 70%; but last year it was 95%, and this year while he was pursuing the coveted Republican nomination, it was 100%. Well, 2008 is nearly over, so I think we can accurately say McCain votes with Bush 100% of the time, hence “McSame.” You can actually chart his positions and voting record in relation to his current political calculations and ambition.

It’s due to this career of flipflopping and opportunism that NOBODY with any sort of convictions who’s been paying attention to McCain feels they can trust him as far as he can be thrown.  That include(d) the far-right “Christian” fanatic base which (at least in puppetmaster Karl Rove’s estimation) is indispensible to a Republican victory.  Gesture after gesture failed to move them – he tried speaking at Jerry Falwell’s Liberty University, kissing the ring of the man he had once aptly tarred an “agent of intolerance”; he insisted with a straight face that the US Constitution was based on the Bible; he’s repeatedly promised “strict constructionists” on the bench and in case anyone didn’t understand that, he specified “in the mold of Alito, Scalia and Thomas.”  Still the distrust emanating from the “base” was palpable, and their lack of enthusiasm was cause for great hope among us Democrats.

So it was a shrewd call on Karl Rove’s part to force McCain to pick Governor Palin as a running mate.  (In what may turn out to be the final death-gurgle of his old maverick heart, he had wanted to pick his warmongering BFF Joe Lieberman.  Rove sternly nixed the pro-choice Jew.)  And that’s why the base is ecstatic – from Jubal on up, they are jubilant.  Not because Palin is young, or sexy, or funny or feisty or a “reformer” (LOL) or a big surprise.  But because she is a bonafide religious fanatic they can trust.  Lack of Christianist enthusiasm solved.  Now WE have to work even harder, to get back our country for sanity and peace.

[Tomorrow: “John McCain is Morally Unfit to Lead” and “Imagine a President Palin.”]

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